Jennifer Minor - Licensed Professional Counselor - Austin TX | Services and Fees
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Services and Fees

Individual Counseling

Sexuality doesn’t exist independent of other aspects of your life. It is impacted by our mental health. Oftentimes there are underlying factors that affect our sexuality. I offer individual counseling sessions designed around you. We will work collaboratively to help you identify what is the underlying issue at hand. In a world that demands so much from you, finding peace, clarity and wisdom can be challenging. The underlying goal is to help you grow to a place of self acceptance and authenticity. My therapeutic style is informed by an eclectic approach that is mindful, harm reductive and strengths-based.

Areas of therapeutic focus are:

  • Life transitions
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Emerging adult/Aging issues
  • Mindfulness

Sex Positive Therapy

Sexual health is a category of health often left out of the conversation. Sexuality is still taboo and can feel complicated and mysterious. Exploring sexuality is often the last of our needs to get met. From a sex positive perspective, we can talk about the taboo topics, “the elephant in the room”. There are a multitude of myths around sex and sexuality that have been ingrained in the psyche of individuals for ages. Sex therapy can help individuals create or redefine healthier beliefs around sexuality that align with their highest good. Some issues related to sexuality that I work with are:

  • Religion/Spirituality
  • Shame around sexuality
  • Low desire/Issues reconnecting to your sexuality
  • Difficulty with arousal, including problems with erections
  • Rapid (‘premature’) or delayed ejaculation
  • Issues/concerns with sexual functioning 
  • Challenges with orgasm
  • Navigating open and/or polyamorous relationships
  • Exploration around a kinky identity


Unlearning: Integrating Self-Love and Sexuality  


I offer an experiential workshop for women who desire to explore their sexuality in a deeper way and to inspire them to create space for more pleasure, play and relaxation. Sexuality can feel complex, so I have created a framework to help us invite more awareness into our needs. We will also explore the many intersections and parallels of sexuality that play a role in our everyday lives. Un-nurtured sexuality can cause us to feel restricted, ashamed or simply unsatisfied.  We will learn ways to better communicate our needs, identify our desires and explore new, creative ways to incorporate sexuality into our self care routines.  


Please contact me if you are interested in participating in the next workshop or hiring me to conduct the workshop for small groups!

Tiffany Han
Perfection isn’t the goal here. Resilience is. And experimentation. And grace


$150/55 minute session

Insurance: I am a private pay provider, which means you will be required to pay for services in full at each session. If you would like to use insurance. I can provide a superbill for services, if you want to seek reimbursement through your insurance provider.

Sliding scale services: Currently all my sliding scale spots are full, spots do open up from time to time. If you are interested in sliding scale services, I can place you on a waitlist when spots open up. Also, here are some sliding scale referral options:

Open Path Collective

Capital Area Counseling 

Colors of Austin Counseling

Therapy Austin


BFA, Texas State University-San Marcos

MA, George Washington University, Washington DC


Organizations and Professional affiliations:

Austin Therapists of Color, Founder

American Counseling Association (ACA), member

Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians, member