Jennifer Minor - Licensed Professional Counselor - Austin TX | Integrating Self Love and Sexuality
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Human. Therapist. Educator.

Jennifer Minor, MA, LPC

I believe curiosity and creativity are gateways to healing. Often times when we feel stuck, unheard or unbalanced within ourselves, we don’t see alternatives or solutions to our problems. I work collaboratively with you, as you begin to explore what I call “your wiring.” My approach to therapy encompasses attentiveness, honesty, humor and most importantly safety.

A system only works when every part is in alignment.

-Tiffany Han

“I help people embrace the elephant in the room, because elephants need love too.” 


Your curiosity has led you here and I’m glad you stopped by. 

I like analogies. I work with what I describe as the “omnipresent elephant in the room.” This symbolic elephant follows you everywhere…in your relationships, on your job, within your social circles, in Religious practice…this elephant affects how you engage with others, how you feel about yourself, how you view and experience your body. This invasive elephant influences the decisions you make and how you are visible and/or invisible in the world. This elephant exists in all parts of your life including the space where sexuality lives. 

Sexuality can feel like a BIG topic and is often brought up with whispers and “side eyes” even though everyone is aware of its presence in our lives, in our cultures and in our society. In my personal and professional experience I have found that curiosity is a gateway to healing. As a sex positive therapist… desire, pleasure, play, eroticism all come from a place of curiosity. Often times, especially as we grow into adulthood, our sense of exploration and curiosity is muddled by social norms, obligations, stress, grief, trauma, illness, shame… shall I continue?


Healthy sexuality is not just about sex, it is an integral part of how we interact with ourselves and the world around us. Wellness is a language we speak to ourselves. Sometimes that language gets lost in translation over the course of our lives. Chances are, you are looking for support around finding your authentic voice, understanding your needs better or maybe just simply trying to better understand your “wiring.” If this sounds like you, I feel you! Helping you find alignment within yourself can be tricky but is doable.

Who I work with:

I work with adult individuals who feel ready to create a shift in their lives. The shift often starts with small micro decisions that can create space for increased curiosity and creativity and ultimately change (growth). Additionally, I work with adult individuals who may fall into one or more of the following spectrums:

  • Millennials (ages 25- 40ish) or Gen Z (18-24ish)
  • Individuals who identify as a person of Color or multi-ethnic
  • Individuals who are LGBTQIA+


Therapy is not a one size fits all process. Each individual is unique. Therefore, I utilize a “tool box” of techniques and skills to offer a customized approach to each client’s needs. These  modalities are merely tools that can help us explore the many dynamics that make you, You! Doing this level of inner work will take patience and compassion with yourself and those you live in relationship with. Our work together will consist of:


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